Legal services for Afghan nationals

Following the fall of Kabul and the evacuation of Afghan friends and allies in the summer of 2021, SOAR Immigration Legal Services started the Afghan Project to provide immigration legal support both to evacuated parolees and to those living in Oregon needing to evacuate family from Afghanistan.  

To learn more about legal services for Afghan nationals, please email Muhammad Saleem, 

client testimony

My name is “Abdul,” and I’m from Afghanistan. My wife and I were evacuated after the collapse of the Afghan government. We were confused and traumatized by the incidents in Afghanistan.

I would like to commend and appreciate the work of SOAR Immigration Legal Services. They immediately started processing our cases to get us permanent status in the United States.

My family members and I are grateful and acknowledge SOAR Legal’s work. I’m confident that SOAR Legal will take care of our legal process that will have a positive impact on our lives in the long term.


If you are eligible for the Afghan Legal Project, we provide free and low-cost legal services. Send an email to to learn more.